I pledge to spend at least 1 hour outdoors with kids everyday.

We are going to get green time everyday, but particularly on Saturday and Sundays.

We are going to collect parks and trails and trees and grasses and animals.

We are going to get dirty and wet, and will need to bring an extra set of clothes every time.

We are going to take our shoes off and go barefoot.

We are going to use Texas Parks and Wildlife resources.

We are going to use a travel trailer.

I am going to post a picture from every place we go to fulfill this commitment.

We are going to get stronger, more agile, more balanced, more flexible, braver, and more connected to life and land.

We are going to learn methods of conservation and restoration and implement those practices for the benefit of ourselves and future generations.

Practice mindful walking and meditation.

Meditate on the interdependent and interconnected reality of sentient beings, air, water, earth, and fire.